A collection of useful files, information, documents and links that are hard to find elsewhere.

Swansea University vector graphics

The default University fonts are Futura and Cosmos. The brand guidelines (linked below) specify Cosmos for titles and headings, and Futura for body text, though this is often interchanged (e.g, see the main University website), or Cosmos is used for all purposes. The logo colour is Pantone 662 / RGB 36, 47, 96 (#242F60) / CMYK 100, 90, 32, 20. For logo placement and colour advice, see the brand asset guidelines, logo refresh notes, editorial guidelines and marketing toolkit (login required).

Swansea University forms and documents

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Selected tools, tips, links and resources

Note: some of these may require a login, and/or only be accessible while on campus.

  • Knowledge Exchange Forum guide – tips and tricks, and a key to systems and processes. Primarily aimed at newer members of Computational Foundry staff, but probably useful to all (come see me first if you'd like access)
  • Canvas Helpers – Various Python scripts to simplify and speed up common repetitive Canvas tasks such as bulk import and export of assignment comments and attachments, moderation tools, WebPA integration and more.
  • Various Python and browser scripts to simplify and speed up common tasks with internal Swansea University services (email me for access) and e:Vision. I also maintain a wide range of other tools and resources.
  • Swansea University services:
  • External services and links:
  • Uncommon but useful Mac shortcuts:
    • Keynote – Switch the primary and presenter displays: X (more shortcuts listed in Apple's support article)
    • MacOS:
      • Toggle display mirroring: Cmd + F1 (i.e., ⌘ + )
      • Smaller steps for brightness and volume adjustment: ⌥ + ⇧ + [button]
      • Open display preferences: ⌥ + F1
      • Click or interact with a window without bringing it into focus: ⌘ + click
  • LaTeX things I repeatedly have to look up:
    • Multiple footnotes on the same line, linked as normal:
      • In the footnote: \footnote{\label{foot:reference}\url{https://link-1.test}; \textsuperscript{\stepcounter{footnote}\arabic{footnote}}\url{https://link-2.test}}
      • In the body: \hyperref[foot:reference]{\textsuperscript{\arabic{footnote}}}
    • Shortcut for custom table font sizes:
      • In the table header: \newcommand{\tablefont}[1]{\fontsize{size}{size}\selectfont #1}
      • To use: \tablefont